Washing & drying operations are carried out by a special washer 1000 or 1900 mm. long only, conceived and developed by Forvet!
The machine has been designed to obtain excellent result in washing and drying  within  the specific space restrain.

New generation of washing system, granting very high quality

To obtain the requested results, the machine is equipped with some specific technical new features: in state of the prewash with rinsing water, we have developed an area where the  water contaminated  with silica and chips is eliminated from the glass before getting to the washing area.
The Low-E brushes are operated at very high rpm and are self adjusting for glass thickness change.
Glass transport is synchronized with upstream process and inverter controlled.


  • Brushes with adjustable rotating speed guaranteeing better cleaning with respect to the standard
  • Enhanced blowers
  • Machine extremely compact
  • Machine full in stainless steel
  • Upper machine side can be automatically lifted of 400mm for inspection.


    The glass thickness is automatically measured at the beginning of the machine, with a system assuring that  the brushes are optimally positioned against the glass surface.
  • LOW-E glass
    The process of Low-E glass is guaranteed because the brushes touch the glass for  few mm only   so that the coating surface is completely safe.
    It is not necessary to change the brushes and any special brushes are requested, thanks to the automatic movement of the brushes along the Z axis.
    Glass transport is synchronized with upstream process.

All FORVET solutions are configurable and customizable



WM 1600mm

WM 1600mm


WM 2600mm

WM 2600mm

Technical specification


3/PE – 50 Hz – 400 V or 3/PE – 60 Hz – 480 V

Maximum glass width

1600 or 2600 mm

Maximum glass length

according to the line

Numbers of brushes

2 pairs

Transport speed

1 to 8 m/min

Glass thickness

3 mm – 19 mm

Security requirements




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