The FRANCESCA FC 2000/2600 is a glass working Numerically Controlled (NC) working centre, capable of performing drilling, countersinking and milling operations on flat glass sheets, ranging in thickness from 3 to 25mm. including “out of square” pieces.
The useful working field for width is 2000 or 2600mm. and without limits for length. Additionally, there is no inter-axis restriction between hole locations.

The drilling operation is capable of drilling a maximum diameter of 70mm with larger diameters achieved by the milling feature. The working cycle is completely automatic, without any manual intervention.
The NC optimises the approaching speed of the heads, controls the glass transport feed, drilling speed and water quantity and adjusts the drill height to compensate for its wear. The operator is required only to provide the hole diameter and its coordinates.

All FORVET solutions are configurable and customizable



Main Entry/Exit conveyors with belts and lifting unidirectional wheels

Main Entry/Exit conveyors with belts and lifting unidirectional wheels


Innovative "Dynamic Vacuum Belts System" (patented)



Super spindle

Super spindle

Milling operations (routing) up to 12,000 rpm.
It grants a faster milling speed and longer life span

Technical specification

Working area X axis

free (according to the conveyors size)

Working area Y axis

maximum 2000 / 2600 mm

Minimum glass (with vacuum belts - OPTIONAL)

155 x 350 mm only drilling (450 mm milling)

Minimum glass (with standard belts)

150 x 350 mm only drilling (450 mm milling)

Glass thickness

from 3 to 19 mm (25mm optional)

Maximum drilling diameter

65mm (70mm optional)

Number of spindles

16 (8+8)

Axes positioning accuracy

+/- 0,25 mm/m

Compressed air

> 6 BAR

Water pressure

> 4 BAR



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