The NC working Centre FRANCESCA FC 2000/2600 WJ execute drilling, countersinking and milling operation on flat glass sheets also of irregular shape ranging in thickness from 3 to 25 mm (up to 19 mm only WJ).

The NC Working Centre Francesca FC 2000/2600 Water jet is a new concept of equipment that combines two productive technologies controlled by a single numerical control.
The advantages offered by this technologic synergy are great and important.
The big novelty conceived by Forvet is to unite the principle of the drilling process realized with diamond tools with the water cutting.

The two productive principles interact reciprocally without limit, they complete each other and every one benefits from the ability of the other, increasing at the best the production capacity. This translates into a huge advantage for the production, because it is possible to choose the process, according to the working requirements.

All FORVET solutions are configurable and customizable



"Two machines in one"

FC 16M 2000/2600 WJ can be considered as “two machines in one”. In fact it is the only working centre able to automatically control the positioning of the glass, executing drilling, countersinking and milling operations both with diamond tools and water jet.


Entry/Exit conveyors

Entry/Exit conveyors

Customized solutions available according to customers’ needs


Innovative "Dynamic Vacuum Belts System"



Super spindle

Super spindle

Milling operations (routing) up to 12,000 rpm.

Technical specification

Working area X axis

free (according to the conveyors size)

Working area Y axis

maximum 2000/2600 mm

Minimum glass dimension

155 x 350 (Drilling) - 155 x 450 (Milling)

Glass thickness

from 3 to 19mm (25mm optional)

Maximum drilling diameter

65mm (70mm optional)

Number of spindles

16 (8+8)

Spindles rotation speed

0-9.000 rpm

Axes positioning accuracy

+/- 0,25 mm/m.

Compressed air

> 6 BAR

Water pressure

> 4 BAR

Installed electrical power

12.5KVA, 400V 50Hz



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