From 30 years, innovative solutions in special glassworking machinery

We have strongly believed since the beginning that everything in the life can be achieved, but not for free, of course! Our mind is like a parachute: it only works if we open it . So we always try to consider any solution not good enough; we continuously search for the best, something really special that could never be classed as standard

“People like to do business with people they like.”

The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits them and sells itself. Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.



    The last and present version, show off 35% less foot print space required, 30% weight save thanks to the light alloys, 30% energy saving, 25% productivity increase. The number of machines produced is the witness of customers satisfaction, so real progress


    1990 Francesca FC 8M 1000

    The first and unique CNC drilling machine of the world.

    1992 Francesca FC 16M 1250

    The Francesca FC 1000 work centre is completely renovated: the rotating head with the possibility to have eight different diameters (there were only 4 previously), the stroke of the Y is extended up to 1250 millimetres.

    1993 Francesca FC 16M 1250 Mill

    Another important addition to Francesca FC 1250: the “milling” capability. An important step, which enables the machine to carry out complete process of drilling, countersinking and milling/cut-out and, therefore, to obtain a finished product.

    1996 Francesca FC JUNIOR

    The project for the NC Francesca Junior drill starts up, and the machine is presented for the first time at the Vitrum trade fair in 1997. This innovative drill enables the movement of glass on a cushion of water and guarantees very high production speed and extremely accurate processing.

    1999 Francesca FC 600 & DADO 1070

    Forvet starts to think about smaller glass sizes: Francesca FC 600 work centre is created and constructed.
    This compact, high speed and flexible machine has all the most important technical characteristics of the larger models, but is thought especially for smaller sized glass sheets. In the same period, the Dado 1070 automatic drill was presented for the first time, to satisfy the needs of simple drilling.

    2006 Francesca FC 16M 1600

    The new work centre for drilling, countersinking and milling that includes the best performance and the peak of technology reached by Forvet in these years. All the most important innovations existing on Forvet’s high-production machinery are synthesized and applied into the Francesca 1600: glass transport by means of special belts with dynamic vacuum, speed of the axes, precision of positioning, space needed reduced to a minimum, and so on.
    The machine has the average dimensions requested by the market and completes the range of lines produced up to now by Forvet. The first users of Francesca FC 1600 have said that it is the most incredible and perfect machine they have ever seen in the sector. This goes beyond any advertising that Forvet could ever carry out for its machines.

    2010 Francesca FC 16M 1250 H.O. (High Output)

    The target set at the beginning of the project, was to have a smaller and compact machine able to satisfy the exigencies of all the glaziers. The path followed to realize this result, has been directed, as usual, from Davide Gariglio and his engineer’s team. The machine size has been reduced to a mere 3x3m, maintaining the possibility to operate big glass sizes. Thanks to an improved design, the motion of the moving parts is obtained with faster acceleration/decelerations, granting more machine production. The use of the state of the art electronic technology, reduces the running costs of the machine power consumption, thanks to the ability of the NC to recover the kinetic energy of the moving masses up to the 25% of the installed power (KERS). At present, Francesca FC 1250 machine, with the various updates, is up and running to demonstrate how the “mother of all CNC drills” has become a must for modern companies worldwide. Francesca FC 1250 has a list of references that represents the best of the worldwide market.

    Francesca FC 1250 H.O means progress, because there is true progress when the advantages of a new technology become available for everybody.

    2011 Francesca FC 16M 1600 WJ

    This year has to be considered ANOTHER milestone for Forvet. The first Francesca FC 1600 WATER JET. A further break trough of the Forvet attitude, where innovation runs. The new NC Working Centre Francesca FC 1600 WJ is a new concept of equipment that combines two productive technologies controlled by a single numerical control. The advantages offered by this technologic synergy are great and important. The big novelty conceived by Forvet is to unite the principle of the drilling process realized with diamond tools with the water cutting. The FC 1600 16M WJ can be considered as “two machines in one”.

    2015 Francesca SUPER SPINDLE

    A new entry for Francesca machines: the SUPER SPINDLE. The new unit is capable of increasing the machine productivity in all milling-routing requirement being driven at much faster RPM.

  • The “Portal machines series”, to process large glass or 2 different glasses simultaneously.
    A revolution in the drilling sector!

    To solve the problem of big glass process and to fasten the production: 2 glass processed simultaneously held by belts with vacuum system!

    1994 Francesca FC 16M 2500

    This extraordinary machine is able to carry out all types of processing on glass sheets of large dimensions. 15 tons of mass that guarantee strength, precision and reliability. Even today, the “portal” is still the most titled work centre for this kind of production.

    2000 Francesca FC 16M 2000 & FRANCESCA FC 16M 2600

    FRANCESCA FC 2600 is a glass working Numerically Controlled (NC) drilling centre, capable of performing drilling, countersinking and milling operations on flat glass sheets, ranging in thickness from 3 to 25mm. including “out of square” pieces.
    The useful working field is as wide as 2600mm. and has no limits for length (according to conveyors sizes). Additionally, there is no restriction between holes distances

    2004 Francesca FC 32M 3300 Mill

    Investments are high but it is not possible to stop: the need for plants able to process large glass sheets become even stronger. Forvet starts on another new project with audacious technical solutions that are almost impossible to put down on paper.
    It is the moment of the Francesca FC 32M 3300 Mill, a machine able to drill, countersink and mill a glass sheet measuring up to 3300×8000 or two glass sheets at the same time! The solutions installed on Francesca 32M 3300 are all patented and represent the synthesis of years of research and experience focused on drilling.
    From here on, the incredible success of this machine that can solve, among others, the eternal problem of the bottleneck caused by traditional drilling machines that are too slow compared to the grinding machines when part of a continuous production line

    2012 Francesca FC 16M 2000/2600 WJ & FRANCESCA FC 32M 3300 WJ

    The NC Working Centre Francesca FC 16M 2000/2600 WJ and FC 32M 3300 WJ are a new concept of equipment that combine two productive technologies controlled by a single numerical control.
    The big novelty conceived by Forvet is to unite the principle of the drilling process realized with diamond tools with the water cutting.
    The two productive principles interact reciprocally without limit, they complete each other and one benefits from the ability of the other, increasing the production capacity at the best.
    This translates into a huge advantage for the production, because it is possible to choose the process, according to the working requirements

    The FC 2000/2600 WJ and FC 32M 3300 WJ can be considered as “two machines in one”!

  • 2000 Chiara MT – NC Edge Processor

    At the beginning of the new millennium, Forvet starts an ambitious project: that of entering the grinding sector but, as usual, without moving along the already existing routes, but investing in a new and revolutionary concept. Chiara MT – the first quadrilateral grinder – is created. The only grinder in the world able to grind 4 glass edges at the same time without touching the treated surfaces -Low E- of the glass (magnetron or pyrolithic). Chiara MT responds to the daily request of the market with flexibility, speed, precision and quality, all in reduced dimensions. A machine, therefore, that can change working process quickly, that accepts different glass dimensions, that is not slow down by the change in glass thickness, that guarantees dimensional precision and quality on all types of glass; a machine where the glass sheet remains still during the processing phases. A real revolution for the grinding sector.

    2002 Chiara MTP

    An ambitious goal, a new version of CHIARA able to make also brilliant polishing on the 4 glass sides simultaneously.

    2002 Chiara MTA

    As further development the Chiara concept has been completed with a dedicated machine to comply with the “arrising” process by maintaining the principle of 4 heads grinding simultaneously but with replacement of the cup wheels with a single peripheral multilevel wheel.

    2007 Chiara MTP8

    Chiara MTP become MTP8 with the new wheels configuration that guarantees more reliability and faster speed. With this upgrade Forvet entered the edging market in Australia and South Africa, with full game changer set-up.

    2009 Chiara MODULAR

    Forvet has gone off the traditional schemes again and conceived an unique edging and polishing machine: the CHIARA MODULAR. This machine is capable to seam and grind all the OUT OF SQUARE glass with bright polish. Triangles, parallelepipeds, rhomboids, pentagons can now be grinded and polished, with 8 flat cup wheels, with or without corner dubbing, in complete automatic cycle, without manual adjustments.

    2014 Chiara MULTIFLEX


    This unique machine executes grinding and brilliant polishing operations on all the glass sides even if OUT OF SQUARE and also WITH ROUND CORNERS! The machine has been conceived to operate on extra large glass up to 18000 mm, according to the genial concept of CHIARA’s philosophy, HIGH flexibility in SMALL place.
    The foot print of the CHIARA MULTIFLEX is 1/3 if compared with traditional machines!
    Chiara MULTIFLEX HEAVY model is able to process TWO GLASS simultaneously, either both straight edging or one straight edging and the other curve edging. The choice is up to end user….
    The evident advantage of this solution is the possibility to operate any CNC requirements over the maximum glass size, without having to relocate


    This is also the year of the complete lines for grinding and drilling: the Francesca FC work centres, connected to the Chiara NC quadrilateral processor and to a washing machine, produce glass that has undergone grinding or threading, drilling, countersinking and milling. A line that is extremely flexible, reliable and fast.
    The market has highlighted important needs with respect to glass processing: the large series of glass types and sizes are disappearing, leaving in their place smaller series with different sizes and thickness. In many cases the connection between grinding and drilling becomes obligatory in order to avoid too much handling and long production times.

    2012 KEY SYSTEM

    The reason that led Mr. Davide Gariglio toward this new direction, was the idea to have a new type of equipment that could match the flexibility and productivity of the Chiara Francesca Gamechanger, thus reducing problems related to handling and manpower.
    The end result of this research is the KEY system, where glass from the warehouse to the washing machine has an independent life, without manual interferences from neither operator nor technicians. KEY system is integrated in the full productive line, where a single supervisor can manage all processes requirement, from glass warehouse to washed completed product. A line where once the drawing is received from the end user, nobody physically handles a piece of glass and the requested product is processed in less than 3 minutes from the incoming order. KEY system to have the capability to score and break a single piece from a glass sheet and to change glass substance and colour on the next single piece. To have the capability to score and break automatically rectangles, triangles, rhomboids, parallelograms and to feed them directly in the next process. A line capable to replace a piece of glass broken while loaded on the truck, ready again for shipment in 3 minutes….
    Open your mind, this is the KEY!!!

  • 2016 COMBIFLEX

    Automatic loading from racks, grinding, polishing, drilling, notching, countersinking, water jet, round corners, engraving, mitering, washing, drying , automatic unloading on racks.
    All the processes are automatically executed in complete synergy !!!


    2018 FORBOT

    Forbot is a patented glass handling system which creates an automatic connection between the working zone (grinding, drilling and milling) and the following processes (tempering, printing …)

    2021 SORTIFLEX

    The Sortiflex is the Forvet answer to glass flow sequencing control and optimization requirements.
    It has been designed to meet the flexibility requirements of various processes thus it can works within Forvet machineries or integrated with all the other major equipment in flat glass field.

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